Libyan Hana El Hebshi receives International Women of Courage Award 2012

The Libyan activist Hana El Hebshi, aka New Media, a 27-year-old architect received the 6th annual International Women of Courage Award from America’s first lady, Michelle Obama, and US secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

The US government on Thursday marked International Women’s Day by recognizing 10 women who are fighting for human rights and equality.  New Media was the pseudonym Hana chose to have the Libyan voice heard globally without being recognized by Gadaffi’s intelligence which was simply all his supporters by the time of the revolution.

Hana El Hebshi was honored for helping document the violence of Libya‘s revolution. She worked hardly on passing the true information about what was happening inside Tripoli, she waited for hours in front of  the military camps to assure they contained weapons and hence she had the message sent to the NATO, saving Libyans’ lives.

“They saw corruption, and they worked to expose it,” Michelle Obama said. “They saw oppression, and they worked to end it. They saw violence, poverty, discrimination and inequality, and they decided to use their voices and risk their lives to do something about it. Day after day, these women have stood up and said the things that no one else could say or would say. Year after year, they endured hardships that few of us could bear.”

The 10 women who were honored Thursday flew in from their home countries for the ceremony and will visit 10 cities across the America.

Libya+ Media congratulates Hana El Hebshi, We are proud of you and wish you all the best.